If you need one, more reasons to do it on your first date!

From IAUNT| More and more women are resisting slut shaming and doing it their own way – pun intended! Just because friends or people in your social circle think having sex on the first date is slutty doesn’t mean it’s true. Humans have sex to get orgasms and women are no exception. Here are some reasons – if you need them – to dip it in on the first date!

Firstly, because you can!

The first and simple fact of life is that you can do whatever you want with your body. Sexual decisions are personal and should not be taken based on what other people think. If you are turned on and ready to go on a first date then why not go for it! You will thank yourself afterward. Thank me later, too.

You get sex, not give it

Women are often made to feel that they give sex while guys get it, therefore, guys can sometimes brag about I already done it with her when we can’t do the same especially after breaking up. Listen to me today, when you do the deed, he is not getting anything from you, you are giving each other something. So don’t be trying to be a good girl thinking oh I can’t ‘give him’ just yet. Nope, you not giving anyone anything. Sex is not some act that women reward men with, it’s an act we indulge in because we also get the O too! So do it, even on the first date.

It’s a good way to connect 

Sex, when done for the right reasons, is a good way to connect with our partners. Sometimes passion and warmth can be felt on the first date but numbers can sometimes ruin things. Stop counting whether it’s the first date or what, if it feels right, do it. For you. According to Dr. Margaret Paul people have sex “to share love, passion, warmth and connection.” So go ahead and connect with him. Down there!

Confidence is sexier

As much as body looks can be attractive, passion starts from the inside. You can look hot but if you can’t be hot inside, and be comfortable with yourself, then the looks won’t matter that much. If you want to have sex, then have sex. Whether it’s the first date is not an issue. It’s all about being confident enough to do whatever the hell you feel like doing.

“That tiny black dress, heels and make-up can make you feel a little more sexy, but the sexiest thing about you doesn’t have a color or a shape. You can’t touch it, but you sure can feel it … it’s self-confidence.” – Brett Hoebel.

To challenge the ‘good girl’ myth

When women do what they want and feel like doing, there are negative names waiting for them. Boxes have been created that limit our exploration of what it means to be a confident woman; staying a ‘good girl’ is one of them. The social definition of a good girl is when a woman accedes to a certain behavior that mostly pleases men, like not having sex on a first date to prove ‘decency’. On the other hand, when men do have sex on the first date it becomes a conquest. I seriously think we give men, and society, the power to keep defining our personal choices for us. So if I were you, I would channel that little rebel inside of you and do the deed on whichever date you feel like, hell yeah, the first one included!

I mean, you don’t need a reason to do as you please but just in case, there you go.

Till next time my loves!