Ten reasons Sweden is a perfect destination for single women

From the Editor’s desk| We know that going on holiday alone can sound daunting, scary even, especially for single women but we have just the right destination where you are guaranteed happiness and protection.

Sweden, in summer, is a perfect paradise for women traveling alone. Firstly, Swedish men respect and see women as equals, secondly, lots of sex happen in Sweden. Thirdly, Sweden has some of the toughest laws protecting women so more reasons to pack that backpack and head over to the Nordic paradise.

Fourthly and to help you make a decision we have gathered six more reasons inside of Sweden where happiness is waiting for you!



Gothenburg Harbour. Photo Credit:Göran Assner/imagebank.sweden.se

“Gothenburg is Sweden’s culinary capital and is jam-packed with fine eateries that don’t cost the earth (literally). But if you prefer to spend your cash on a weekend rock-out, blow them on a ticket to the Way Out West music fest in the middle of August. Otherwise, the fantastic cafés, or the Swedish design and fashion boutiques of the cobblestoned Haga quarter would be delighted if you paid them a visit.” – Visit Sweden



Lapland. Credits:Katja Kristoferson/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

“Where can it be – 40 C in winter, and +30 C in summertime? Where is Europe’s last remaining wilderness area and home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami? Swedish Lapland is the land of eight seasons, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.” – Visit Sweden

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

Breathtaking Northern lights. Photo Credit: Hjalmar Andersson/imagebank.sweden.se

“Northern Lights and Midnight Sun – The Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park is purpose-built for viewing the greatest light show on Earth – the Northern Lights. And because of its practically permanent cloud-free skies there’s no better place to see them. In the height of summer, it’s non-stop daylight here. Ski all the way into summer at the exotically remote Riksgränsen. Cool places to see the Northern Lights” – Visit Sweden




Skeppsbron, Stockholm. Photo Credit: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se

“Sweden’s capital city spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out proudly to the Baltic Sea to the east. Her grand public buildings, palaces, rich cultural history and museums tell her 700 year-old history beautifully.” – Visit SwedenSOUTHERN SWEDEN


Canola fields in Skåne. Photo Credits: Måns Fornander/imagebank.sweden.se

“If you have watched the ‘Wallander’ television series, adapted from the books of Henning Mankell, you pretty much have the southern tip of Sweden in a nutshell. And it really is that gorgeous; with rolling plains, white cottages in the distance, and endless sandy beaches. ‘Am I in Sweden’, you may ask yourself.” – Visit Sweden




Österlen, Skåne. Photo Credits: Conny Fridh/imagebank.sweden.se

“Skåne is awash (forgive the pun) with beautiful sandy and clean beaches. For goodness sake, even the city of Malmö has its own beach at Ribersborg, just a 20-minute stroll from the city centre. 2 ½ kilometres long, this beach is perfect for kids as the water is shallow and the beach is lined with lots for them (and you) to do including; play areas, barbecue spots and beach cafés. Skåne’s beaches are mile-long with fine white sand and warm water. Find your own favourite Skåne beach” – Visit Sweden




Fishing huts on the shore of Smögen, West Coast. Credits: Sebastian Lineros/imagebank.sw eden.se

“Lush, populated islands, deserted isles and rocky barren skerries dot Sweden’s archipelagos from the far north in Swedish Lapland, wrapping around the coastline of the deep south, before stretching up the west coast.

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