Swedish nuclear physicist gets nod for world’s first app which replaces other birth control methods with mathematics

Swedish female nuclear physicist Elina Berglund has gotten the nod for her world’s first app which replaces birth control with mathematics. Berglund created an app which women can use to track their fertility by measuring the temperature under their tounges every morning. A specially designed algorithm then processes the data to determine if a woman is fertile that day – and can get pregnant if they have unprotected sex – allowing women to prevent pregnancy naturally.

However, it was a long road to getting approval for the app as an effective and accredited birth control method but German inspection and certification organization Tüv Süd has now certified the app as a contraceptive and classified it in the medicinal category of IIb.

The approval, as is the app, is a world first.

Elina Berglund

Elina Berglund. Image: Elina Berglund, Facebook.

“It feels incredibly exciting that there is now an approved alternative to conventional pregnancy prevention methods, and that it’s possible to replace medication with technology,” said Elina Berglund, who co-founded Natural Cycles with her husband Raoul Scherwizl.

The certification means that her company Natural Cycles now officially offers a new, innovative and clinically tested alternative to birth control methods such as contraceptive pills, contraceptive implants, and condoms.

In 2015,  Swedish Medicinal Products Agency demanded that Natural cease calling their app a contraceptive within ten days, while the agency continued to investigate the matter.

“At that point, it felt tough. Really tough. After all, the app had been developed for birth control,” Elina Berglund told Veckans Affärer in an interview during the summer of 2016.

Berglund’s company Natural Cycles now has over 150,000 users in 161 countries. A clinical study has also proven that the app can be used as a contraceptive and is as effective as being on the pill.