Amber Rose’s ‘bush’ picture hurts feminism because it keeps society fixated on the female body as a piece of meat

Leanne on Saturday| I have a problem with pictures of nudity which are choreographed and meant for publicity being passed off for ‘feminism’. Celebrities want to do these things for marketing purposes and then justify them with #feminism. Oh, please.

Posting an unshaven bush will sure make headlines but it keeps society’s focus fixated on the female physical body and not ability. That doesn’t help feminism.

These celebrities don’t maybe understand what feminism is all about. To them, it’s just a fancy term they can throw around to prevent a backlash.


We have feminism today because society is obsessed and fixated on the female body and not their intellectual or other capacities, and on their household stereotypical abilities like being a wife. These stunts do not more than reinforcing those same stereotypes. So no thanks from me.

And then today we are also battling body shaming because of the same celebrities who post airbrushed pictures with flat bellies and gigantic asses and hips, small hands and ‘magical’ skin. All these things may not be achieved naturally, humans don’t exactly come out with such a symmetry and ordinary women are dying at the hands of underground and fake surgeons trying to achieve these same looks.

So, nope, Amber, your feminism is not mine.