Minimalist spaces you can recreate on a budget, plus bonus tips on how to save on furniture

No, this article is not because women should be housewives, it’s because sometimes you have just started that new job and are looking to save some coins but need furniture for that new apartment or room or caravan or wherever home is – by the way just about anywhere works just fine for us! We have gathered some minimalist looks that you can recreate on a budget by utilizing some saving tips included in this article.


A fireplace accentuates any home.

A fireplace accentuates a home. It brings character and an opulence quality but sometimes all you need to make it prominent are some gorgeous candles and one prominent piece of art.

How to save on art: you can commission photographs of your own and have them printed expertly in the size you desire instead of buying expensive art. There are no rules, what you need is a beautiful visual to put on your mantelpiece and, after all, the house is yours so do whatever the heck you want!


This look makes white work!

This look makes white work. Firstly because of arrangement and secondly because it sticks to the main color. My mantra is – well maybe not mantra as such, but my thinking is always like this when I’m decorating or redecorating my house: for every expensive nice thing there is a good-quality cheaper substitute somewhere. If you look hard, you will find it. Sometimes a look is just that, a look. How you arrange a room is what brings out its beauty not just how the furniture looks. What some of us on low budgets do is that we recreate expensive looks using cheaper items. If you like something and can’t afford it, keep looking you will find something that looks good enough as an affordable substitute.


Sometimes windows should just be left to shine!

This look is simple and calming. It makes floral and plain work and, again, arranging things in a manner that syncs with the room. You don’t have to move into a double height living room to achieve it, all you need is to use this picture for inspiration when redesigning your own space. It teaches us one thing, to avoid mixing florals with florals and create a battle of colors all in one room and, sometimes those curtains or drapes aren’t needed!


Colour is furniture too

Colour is furniture too! This space is a good example of how color can fill up a room on its own. Well, maybe you ‘n’ I may not be able to have a padded fireplace but we can still paint ours right. I think it’s important to choose a color that’s bright but not noisy – which does not conflict with other pieces of furniture or objects in the room. In this space, the green on the fireplace is complimented by the green on the houseplants and there is a green throw on the couch there as well. Sometimes less is more, as they say.

Kelly Fallis Founder and CEO of agrees with me on saving   on cheaper but still beautiful and good quality furniture: “Don’t Get Caught up in Brand Names. Odds are you don’t know furniture brands as well as you know fashion ones but we will confirm there are only so many furniture companies in the world, and they all knock off each other’s ideas to some extent.  Gone are the days of the totally new invention!  With 400+ lines, we constantly see look-a-like products from one brand to the next.  I’ll use a fashion analogy to hit it home but if I was in the market for a green sweater, I’d find different styles and different price points but at the end of the day they are all green sweaters.  I narrow the options by price, by fit and by quality/feel. The same process applies to buying furniture; lesser known names do not mean lesser quality.”

UK based consumers association Which? offers advice to ‘collect free goods locally.’

“Recycling websites, such as Freegle and Freecycle, are a popular source for finding some great freebies for your home. Local community forums can also be worth browsing.    Plenty of members told us they’d taken advantage of these sites. Helen O’Hara, 50, from Bedford, kitted her son out for university, after connecting online with a local woman who was moving out and wanted to clear her collection of kitchen equipment.”

On website there is another post on how to save money on furniture. “Get your furniture straight from the manufacturer, so you pay wholesale prices, instead of retail prices. High Point and Hickory, North Carolina are big centers for furniture production, so you’ll find the highest concentration of factory outlet stores in those areas. Plan a trip to shop in person, or shop online, and have your furniture shipped to you. The prices are often better than what you’d pay locally, even after you factor in shipping costs. If you have a particular manufacturer in mind, do a search for the manufacturer’s name, plus “outlet.” Example: “Broyhill furniture outlet.”

So, go ahead and adorn up that space and thank me later – well technically you have to thank me now but all the same am here for ya!

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified interior decorator, I am a qualified budget furniture hunter! So this is girly advice, not expert advice *wink wink* but it works just fine.