Welcome back to The International Woman

By Edinah Masanga – Owner of M.E. Media which publishes The International Woman.

I am happy to welcome our readers back to our new look, new vision magazine. When I started this magazine, it started off as a lifestyle blog. I created something where I and the team could share stories that can help women in many spheres of life. But as we progressed, and as the magazine’s reach surpassed our expectations, I took a closer look at the content. I was pleased with what we had but deep down I felt that something was lacking so I asked for publishing to be paused.


It took me weeks to figure out what had created a chasm in my heart regarding a project that I had so passionately worked on for months. I went on holiday. Took time to see the beauty of the Swedish countryside, strolled at the beach while lost in deep thought. What is it that was missing. What did I want to see in the magazine? Why had I suddenly felt like the vision I had when I started the magazine had gone sideways? But then it dawned on me: I wanted us to write about women themselves.

I realised we could do more with the magazine. It is a platform where we have the freedom to bring women to you like never seen before. Because, I was seeing content relevant to women, for women by women, in our magazine, but I wasn’t exactly seeing women. I said to the team I want to see women in this magazine. That’s the thing I have been searching for. Let me see women more. What they do, how they live, how they love, how they eat. That is what I wanted to see in this magazine; women.

So, as we begin a new chapter, I hope that you will agree with me that now more than ever we need to see women more. Having women being seen for all their excellence, substance and beauty is a matter close to my heart because I myself am a feminist. I am also an opponent of how we are made to see women in other media – as objects for sexual gratification.

So, I am hopeful that The International Woman will bring to you women as they live, love and eat internationally.

Because, girls, we see you.

Thank you.