By Her Own Admission, Grace Mugabe Had Captured Zim Presidential Powers

UPDATE – BREAKING NEWS: Robert Mugabe has resigned as President of Zimbabwe

Any time is a long time in politics. It’s only last week that Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe stood before a cheering – and patronising – crowd of the apostolic church denomination in Zimbabwe and received showers of fake prophecies including by one gullible woman who professed that God had given her a vision that Zimbabwe’s next president would be a woman (clearly playing to the gallery of Grace’s presidential ambitions).

This was a political rally disguised as a church service and once again, she used it to denigrate expelled vice president Emmerson ‘Crocodile’ Mnangagwa. She started by narrating how good she is and then went on, as could be expected from all her rallies, to reveal the bickering which was happening behind the scenes in the presidium.

The part I am interested in is when she reveals that she and a group of other women had instigated the president to appoint Mahofa as minister of state, something which Mnangagwa is said to have argued against.

-Baba (father – referring to president Mugabe) told me that he had said… Mai Mahofa was not a suitable candidate because (among other things) she could not walk, Grace Mugabe said.

By her own admission, she went on to rubbish what the ex-VP had said and convinced Mugabe to appoint Mahofa anyway despite the opinion of Mnangagwa. In other words, she vetoed a sitting vice president’s recommendation. In the bedroom.

Mugabe and his wife’s reign of terror have largely been enabled by the neighbouring South Africa which continues to endorse Mugabe’s (il)legitimacy, insisting that Zimbabweans must solve their own problems when it was clear that the people of Zimbabwe had been rendered powerless.

So, the people of Zimbabwe have long been told to deal with their own issues when that clearly meant standing up to the militarily propped regime without any means to do so. But now that the tables have been turned and Zimbabweans have found an ally in the army, SADC, headed by Zuma, now wants to intervene!

What president Zuma and his cronies in SADC need to understand is that they cannot selectively intervene in Zimbabwean domestic matters.  When Mugabe was plundering the country’s resources, ordering the same army that has toppled him to torture, maim and kill people, SADC said that Zimbabweans should solve their own domestic matters.

Taking this position suited the dictatorship agenda which most African leaders are in favor of. Zuma has given his own South Africa so many headaches; from allegations of being involved with the mafia in that country to allowing the Gupta family to capture the state. The opposition in SA and the majority of the people have repeatedly called on Zuma to resign but he continues to hold onto power. Much like his crony Mugabe.

Recently, Zuma’s ex-wife has begun a campaign to take over the reigns in that country and of course, he now wants to intervene to stop the army – backed by the people of Zimbabwe – from toppling the ailing 93-year-old dictator in Zimbabwe.

For now, we wait and see but one thing is clear: Zimbabweans have resoundingly said they no longer want the Mugabes anymore.

Picture credit: Reuters