Forget a Laden Tray, This is The Real ‘Breakfast in Bed’


As grand romantic gestures go, breakfast in bed is considered to be one of the sweetest displays of affection, love even. But hold it, breakfast in bed many no longer mean just a wooden tray laden with steaming delicious food.

The Urban Dictionary has several interesting new definitions of ‘breakfast in bed!

Definition 1: Breakfast in bed is “after a long night of love-making, the next morning you gently awaken your ladyfriend with gentle laps of her labia.”

Definition 2: “Breakfast in bed is when one wakes up next to (…) a sleeping lady companion and proceeds to perform cunnilingus on her. This is a generally appreciated method of being woken up. The phrase makes allusions to the term “eating out” as the person performing the oral ministrations is having, euphemistically, their first meal of the day in bed. In this case, the meal happens to be a woman’s genitalia and there is still a need to eat breakfast afterward.  This is similar to, but differs in key ways from, a mongoose.”

Definition 3: “Eating a girl out in bed in the morning, subsequent to a nights sleep next to her.”

Ladies, you may wanna order the new ‘breakfast in bed’ – erm that is if you are into it.