Women in politics – what (more) can we do to #PressForProgress


The International Women’s Day 2018 campaign theme, #PressForProgress, is a strong call to action amid current world developments. It stresses that efforts to achieve greater gender equality and gender inclusivity are made best and more effectively when in tandem with partners, urging us all to form alliances with fellow advocates and friends. (…)

It is important to note that awareness is key. We should take the time to know what policies are in place, what gender issues are at stake and who will be making the decisions that will affect us all. While it may seem simple, being aware is oftentimes not so straightforward not just because of the lack of access to information but because we can be conditioned not to see things as they are.

Initiatives such as #MeToo and other hashtag protests have the potential to advance women’s interests and are much more than just awareness campaigns. Protests and different forms of citizens movements have the power to reinvigorate democracy, calling our attention. In this case, we have become more conscious of cases of sexual misconduct and harassment of women and in the entertainment industry, it has taken the form of the Time’s Up initiative. For policy impact, however, there is a need to take the movement out of social media and the streets and bring them to the decision-making tables, where the political framework for change can begin.

So what (more) can we do to #PressForProgress?

Be more gender aware. Ask questions. Share information with friends and colleagues. Let them know what is at stake. For it is only with informed decisions that are inclusive, that sustainable gender policies can be put in place.

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About the author:

Raul Cordenillo is the Head of Communications and Knowledge Management at International IDEA.