What Meghan has taught us

By: Edinah Masanga

Meghan’s transition from a divorcee ( I’m only emphasizing this because it is relevant to the story) into a Duchess of Sussex taught us that happiness is an aspiration. That ultimately, only you can shape your own life’s journey.

She has helped women debunk the ‘damaged goods’ stereotype. She has shown us that you can leave a relationship that you deem unfit to bring you happiness and continue the search until you find the one that will parade you in front of 2 billion people.

We should always tell women this – and I have written before that I am against the culture of telling women to stay in marriages that they are no longer interested in or which are no longer delivering them the marriage goods that they signed up for.

And society should really stop burdening women with the ridiculous notion of purity, that somehow women have to uphold a certain standard of purity for them to be considered a good woman. Every woman is a good woman. Good enough for the one that truly loves them.

So girls, go on, get the strength to leave that unhappy marriage, a prince is waiting for you!