Sunday, December 4, 2022

    Welcome Back To The International Woman!

    Dear Reader,

    Firstly, welcome back!

    Earlier this year, we made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend the website of your magazine. As hard as the decision was, the temporary unavailability was necessitated by the need to find a better technical solution that would give us enough flexibility to deliver the promise of The International Woman.

    “To bring you blended content and in the best possible way deliver unparalleled quality. And to deliver that quality as fast as can be possible.”

    We are back for good! And, there are many exciting things in store for you. For instance, we have introduced a brand new section which will bring you your favorite “Leading Voices”. Moreover, we now have a dedicated section for you to amplify your own voice. These and many more are just the beginning of an experience that only we can deliver.

    We believe in the beauty of women, and in their sophistication such that we fully understand that they cannot be packaged into one thing. Women are diverse, and powerful because of that diversity. Here at The International Woman, we celebrate diversity, difference, beauty, power, choice, and sophistication. Everyone has a home here.

    We look forward to a journey of a lifetime. Together!


    Edinah Masanga, CEO, M.E. Media.

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