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    Merjory’s memoir is a success love letter: ‘Odds exist to be conquered’

    The Editor.

    The International Woman caught up with Dr Merjory Chipato, a phenomenal young woman who grew up in a poverty-stricken area called Mbare in Harare, Zimbabwe. She prevailed against all odds and went on to become a medical doctor. Her life is now chronicled in a memoir called “I’M IN CHARGE OF MY NARRATIVE”.

    Even though growing up in Mbare is not an easy feat, Chipato rose above her struggles to become a beacon of hope and inspiration. Now a practising doctor, she shares how she will never forget where she came from and that this has inspired her to start a foundation where the proceeds of her book will be donated and used to drive her causes.

    Chipato with her newly released book

    Asked about growing up in Mbare, Dr Chipato told The International Woman: “While Mbare is a real geographical location, for all those who may not be experientially privy to what it feels like to grow up in this place, Mbare is also a figurative representative of any challenge that you face in the unique context of your life. It signifies anything in life that can try to stop you from becoming everything that God has created you to be. Be it obstacles, life problems and challenges, disappointments, delays, rejections, etcetera.

    “All these obstacles, they are all versions of Mbare. It is a figure for anything that places a full-stop where God has placed a comma; whatever makes it seem like you should settle for less and that you are not destined for greatness.

    “Your background doesn’t determine where you end up; it’s your hard work. Ultimately, your success is predicated on how you think, who you want to be and how you work towards achieving it. Someone might say, well, l don’t live in Mbare, or l have never been to Mbare, so this book is not for me, but as long as you are facing any of these things in life, you are fighting your own version of Mbare!

    Dr Merjory Chipato’s story is indeed a testimony that odds are there to be conquered.

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