Sunday, December 4, 2022

    Makeup, slaying and other misconceptions about female power

    By Edinah Masanga

    At the beginning of my Master of Business Administration studies (MBA), I had a different view about female power than I have now. A powerful woman, in my view, did not concern herself with excessive grooming. However, what does that even mean? If I were to be honest, it means makeup and slaying.

    In my old world view, what mattered most was what was inside the head not on it. A power broking suit and a clean look. The power look. Or so I thought. This is probably not my fault. Women should choose between looking beautiful and being smart, that is what society expects. Everyone is beautiful, let’s get that clear first. But some of us love makeup and feel that it enhances our beauty. We are refused this choice. Be smart or be concerned about beauty. No middle ground.

    Society has an idea of women who pursue beauty-enhancing habits like makeup as lacking confidence and are flippant about their dreams. But I am here to say, there is no choice between the two. In life, there exists only one choice, you. Choose yourself.

    Elegant black woman standing in a summer city. Businesswoman in a red jacket

    So how did I change my worldview about what constitutes female power?

    As part of my MBA, during leadership studies, grooming came up. There it was. In black and white. People love beautiful things. Even though they did not say wear makeup, spending extra time grooming yourself is important for you to be taken seriously. Walk into that boardroom slaying and you are going to make a good first impression.

    However, do not show up to a boardroom meeting wearing clothes for a wedding reception. Be cognizant of dressing codes in order to slay accordingly.

    Slay. Don makeup. Put on that power suit. Do you.

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