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Welcome Back To The International Woman!

Dear Reader, Firstly, welcome back! Earlier this year, we made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend the website of your magazine. As hard as the decision was, the temporary unavailability was necessitated by the need to find a better technical solution that would give us enough flexibility to deliver the promise of The International Woman. To bring...

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Ruby Lynn Created Ground Breaking Makeup For Women Of Color

The story of not finding makeup products that are suited for black women's needs especially in western countries is not a new one. One woman from Zimbabwe set to change it and succeeded. Now she shares her secrets and offers advice on following your passion.You come from Zimbabwe but live in Australia. So, firstly, let's talk about being...

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Diplomatic Spouse Mithi On Love, Fashion & Food

by GRACE MUTANDWA | ZimbabweOn a calm, beautiful day in Harare, I got the chance to meet Mithi Aquino-Thomas. As she rose to welcome me into her home I was struck by her flawless and stunning beauty, carried with poise.Dressed simply but tastefully she was a picture of elegance and looked like she had just taken a break...

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Tariro: “I Do Not Delay Gratitude For Tomorrow”

Tariro Makanga is one of Zimbabwe’s finest women; smart, highly educated, beautiful, hard working but most of all generous and humble. Her work has seen her bring into the limelight the plight of People Living with HIV, sex workers and other key populations in the health and development sector. In addition, she has been instrumental in advancing the...

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