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Turning trash to treasure: Tosin finds beauty for women

‘I pick trash to make beautiful objects so that women treated as trash realise they are assets’ Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale lives in Lagos, Nigeria, where she brings to life compelling works of art using 'trash'. Her innovations, dubbed 'Trash to Treasure', tell stories of hope and the beauty of women and girls while also depicting their lived realities...

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Chiedza: On Loss, Finding Strength & Healing

By: Chiedza MakwaraI woke up in my hospital bed at a local private hospital in Harare. The room was silent apart from the beep beep sound you often hear in hospitals. It was maybe 2 hours after surgery. I had pushed the baby out naturally, straight after I had been rushed into surgery as the umbilical cord was...

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How Society Silences Black Women

By: Edinah MasangaI have often wondered why our society insists on labelling black women as angry all the time. But with time and age, I realised that the 'angry black woman' is the cheapest label used on us because it is also the easiest way to silence us.The angry black woman caricature, when thrown around especially in the...

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‘I Risked My Life To Tell Their Stories’

In a country that actively silences journalists, Edinah Masanga set out on a dangerous mission to reveal the real face of child marriage. I began my career as a journalist at the height of repressive laws against press freedoms in Zimbabwe. My time in the newsroom showed me that in this profession you must balance doing your job...

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